1.  What do we charge for adoptions? – $120 for adults and $135 for kittens. There is an additional $15 fee for a microchipped cat/kitten. There is a $10 discount per kitten/cat for multiple adoptions.
  2.  What is the youngest age kitten we will allow for adoption? – Kittens are held until they are approximately 3 months old before they are put up for adoption. This gives time for them to have all their shots and be spayed/neutered as well as allow appropriate time to naturally separate from their mothers.
  3.  What if my adopted cat isn’t working out? – Please contact us as soon as you notice a problem. Sometimes there is a medical issue that may cause a behavioral problem. Sometimes it is a bad cat-human match. Depending on how much time has passed since the adoption we will refund your money as well as take the cat back. No matter what if the adoption is going badly we will always accept the cat back.
  4.  What should a cat eat? – Normal kibble is fine, but ideally you want to make sure they get soft food on a regular basis. Cats do not have a strong thirst impulse so whatever water they get can almost always be supplemented by soft food. Many many problems cats suffer late in life are caused by an ongoing lack of hydration. You can even add water to the hard/soft food. Many pets like it that way. Just experiment.
  5.  My cat is peeing everywhere but in the litterbox. What should I do? – First, are you cleaning the litterbox regularly? Ideally the box should be cleaned daily. If it’s clean and no animals/children are preventing the cat from reaching the litter box, then schedule a vet visit immediately. There may be a problem with the cat’s urethra/kidneys. Never assume a cat is misbehaving when they refuse to use the litterbox. Many times, especially with males, crystals can form causing extreme pain for the cat. This leads to peeing happening everywhere.

Submit a question via our contact form; if it’s a common question we will post the Q&A here but in any case we will respond to your question via email/phone.