August 2019 Newsletter

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Motto:  “Making a difference one rescue at a time.”

Saying Farewell to Carolyn Cernea

On June 21, 2019 Carolyn Cernea was met by her numerous cats at the rainbow bridge.  She was greeted and ushered in as a hero. Her love of animals, especially cats, took most of her waking hours. CC took excellent care of her “PetSmart Rejects” (meaning they didn’t get adopted because they were too afraid). Carolyn was President of the Orange County Humane Society at one time. More recently she was Correspondence Secretary and a very active member of Cause 4 Paws.  She participated in fundraisers, selling raffle tickets, collecting prizes at local businesses and whatever else she could do to help cats.  We remember when she went all over downtown Fredericksburg at the Heritage Festival with a sandwich board, selling Raffle tickets. Whenever there was a Cause 4 Paws event, CC was there.

CC would always greet everyone she met with her great big smile and a formal greeting.  If she was calling you on the phone the greeting was something like this. “Is this the remarkable, beautiful Mrs. Miller, who I am speaking to?” After all she was an English Major in College and it showed throughout her life.  If she was writing a newsletter or naming a cat, CC had a special flare for words. Some of her cats were named: “Millard Fillmore”, “General Zachery Taylor”, “Silky”& “Moonbeam” and several other US Presidents. She enjoyed Poetry and wanted it published where people would read it to enrich their lives.  All of her correspondence was in longhand, using snail mail. (She really didn’t like email.)

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Success Story – Athena, now Turnip!

An update from our Facebook feed:

We’re so happy you found each other!

Everyone, remember we will be in the Central Park PetSmart from approximately 10am to 5pm Sat, Aug 10 and Sun, Aug 11. Come by and find your new pet friend!

Adoption Event This Weekend – October 19/20

At the Central Park PetSmart in Fredericksburg, VA we will be set up with all of our adoptable cats. Come by and find a new friend!

New Adoption Events to Be Posted Soon…

We’ve had 2 adoptions recently, one from a cage in the Central Park PetSmart and one off our website, Pepper.