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The Good News and Bad News of Rescue

Every year we pray that kitten season will not bring us more than we can handle.  This year has amazed everyone!  The numbers of kittens needing our help seems endless.  Every rescue group and shelter in our area, and beyond, is filled to overflowing. We are stretched to the maximum for people to foster and for the dollars we need to spend to get all of them healthy.  This is the reason we are so adament about spaying and neutering all cats.

Your support has helped us rescue more cats and kittens this year than ever before.  In 2018 we had 262 adoptions for the whole year.  This year with 2 more months to go we are at 269! Wow!  Thank YOU!

Currently we have 3 bottle babies that came to us in trouble.  They all have damaged eyes. The good news is they are all eating well and growing.  The bad news is they are all going to be blind or partially blind.  Please pray for Peanut, Pecan and Cashew.  These tiny ones were found in a storm drain.  How their eyes got damaged is a mystery.  All we know for sure is none of them will have normal vision. At least one kitten will need an eye removed.

Cats are amazing.  They can have a very normal life with one eye.  If they are totally blind they need more protection and help from us but they still can have a wonderful life.  Thank you for helping Peanut, Pecan (passed away), & Cashew!

If you have the heart to help a cat with special needs live in a loving home, please let us know.  These sweet babies will be up for adoption in a few months and will need special people like you to take care of them.



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5 days ago

Jo Ellen Hargus
Cause4Paws is making a plea to our neighbors. Residents of Lake of the Woods and the surrounding communities have always been supportive of our Cause and have made it possible to continue our mission to help kittens and cats by getting them any necessary veterinary treatment and then finding forever homes for them. All of our fosters are full up, kittens galore! and we must find homes or foster to adopt homes for 3 senior cats whose Dad suffered a stroke and can no longer care for them. Holcomb, a kitten and now 13 was found abandoned at our Holcomb Bldg,; Blacky is 14 and Othello is the oldest of these gents., 17 and do not need to be homed together. All are healthy, vaccinations current. I have limited info and no photos but if you or someone you know can help, please message me ASAP and we'll take it from there. Cause4 Paws provides the food, medical, etc. for the fosters. Thank you ... See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Cause 4 Paws, Locust Grove VA
Cause 4 Paws, Locust Grove VA's cover photo ... See MoreSee Less
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We currently have kittens available in PetSmart Central Park and Culpeper. ... See MoreSee Less
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Thanks to everyone who sent use supplies through Chewy!! ... See MoreSee Less
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