Adoption Event This Weekend – October 19/20

At the Central Park PetSmart in Fredericksburg, VA we will be set up with all of our adoptable cats. Come by and find a new friend!

We think we had 27 adoptions for the week at PetSmart. WOW! ...
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Great Post borrowed from another source but is spot on!This has been the worst kitten season that rescues in the area have experienced. We have been getting an overwhelming amount of calls for kittens under decks, shed, cars, etc. Since we are a small in home foster (NOT A SHELTER) rescue and we can only help so many at one time to keep kittens safe and healthy. We would like to offer some information that may be helpful in saving these little lives. This unfortunately has to be shared at least once a year.1. Please don't call a rescue demanding they come take care of it right now. Most rescues are ALL VOLUNTEER and just don't have the resources to come instantly. Also keep in mind that most rescues during kitten season get a large volume of calls each day. This year it is exponentially higher than normal. Please reach out to several different rescues and understand it may be several days before they can get back with you. Being ugly to people that are trying their hardest to save lives is not going to get your demand put to the top of the list.2. If you really want to help please get them and foster. Rescue groups are always happy to train you and help financially with the vetting and adopting out of the kittens. Their biggest hurdle is not having enough space to place them. By stepping up and being a good citizen for a few weeks is the kitty's best chance.3. If you know of an unaltered cat please reach out to groups for Trap Neuter Release (TNR). Most groups are also very happy to show you how to do this and get you set up with free spay/neuter appointments. It will require a couple days commitment but one spay can prevent thousands of unwanted kitties. Please be willing to trap and transport instead of relying on someone else to fix it.4. Learn your county regulations on free roaming pets. Some will not remove them so your best bet is to make sure they are TNRd. One unaltered female can results in 50 plus kittens in less than 18 months time.5. Please don't be ugly with the rescue people. While you may believe your situation is the most critical, we can guarantee you they are dealing with something worse. Rescuers often brave dangerous situations to save kitties and after they get them out of danger, they spend countless hours nursing them back to health. 6. If you want animals helped for goodness sakes step up and help!!! Please don't think it is someone else's problem. Stepping up for a short period of time can be the difference between life and death. ...
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8 adoptions today! Thank you! ...
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